Career Pathways

Developing a career pathways approach is critical for helping more adults get the education and training they need to find jobs that pay sustainable wages. Move UP has adapted the framework illustrated below, based on the framework that was developed by the Alliance for Quality Career Pathways, which "connects progressive levels of education, training, support services, and credentials for specific occupations in a way that optimizes the progress and success of individuals with varying levels of abilities and needs" (Shared Vision, Strong Systems. The Alliance for Quality Career Pathways Framework Version 1.0. June 2014).

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Functions and Features of Career Pathways

The Alliance for Quality Career Pathways (AQCP) framework has 3 key features:

  1. Well-connected and transparent education, training within specific sectors or cross-sector occupations
  2. Multiple Entry Points that enable well-prepared students as well as targeted populations with limited education, skills, English, and work experiences to successfully enter the career pathway
  3. Multiple Exit Points at successively higher levels, leading to self or family-supporting employment and aligned with subsequent entry points .

And 4 essential functions:

  1. Participant-focused education and training
  2. Consistent and non-duplicative assessemnts of participants' education, skills, assets, and needs,
  3. Support services and career navigation assistance to facilitate transitions
  4. Emloyment services and work experience.

Source: Shared Vision, Shared Systems: The Alliance for Career Pathways Framework Version 1.0, p.12.

For more information on Career Pathways, contact Ren Brockmeyer, Move UP's Pathways Navigator at or call 860-834-3489.