Program Support

One of Move UP’s primary strategies for developing a more integrated system for adult education, literacy, and job training, is to increase the capacity of local programs to serve more people, more effectively, by bringing in new and innovative practices, program designs, and other resources. Move UP also provides networking opportunities that help educators and training providers connect with each other, as well as with other professionals that provide the broad range of human services, basic needs, and other supports that lead to better outcomes for learners.

Networking Opportunities

Move UP offers many opportunities for networking and getting to know colleagues in the Region who share your passion for working with adult learners. Whether you are a teacher, tutor, administrator, or someone who supports adults in their pursuit of education, career, and other life goals, you should attend Move UP events and activities to expand your professional network!

Professional Development & Technical Assistance

Move UP offers technical assistance and professional development in the areas of contextualized learning, career pathways, and other innovative practices. As the landscape in adult education shifts to become more focused on the attainment of post-secondary credentials and jobs that pay sustainable wages, Move UP wants to make sure that programs in the Greater Hartford Region are ready to advocate for the needs of their students and respond to those changing needs.

Understanding WIOA

The new Federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), which reworks the former Workforce Investment Act (WIA) and went into effect on July 1, 2015, requires that the public workforce and adult education systems work together in key areas. The State of Connecticut and each Region’s Workforce Investment Board (WIB), will submit unified plans identifying the alignment of these systems in areas where alignment can occur such as:  Planning, One-Stop (American Job) Centers, Career Pathways, Integrated Education and Training, Employer Engagement, Labor Market Information, and Performance Measures.

Classroom Resources

Move UP provides resources and assistance that will enhance programs and improve outcomes for learners. View examples of contextualized lesson plans and the Curriculum available to our partners.